August 26, 2012

Soul Memory.


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If soul is collection of desires, memories, and concepts, then what about the cellular memories throughout the body. Since soul is not a physical/material thing then how does it retain information. Is the information retained in the soul different from the whole evolutionary information retained in the DNA of each cell?


Memory is our ability to recall stored knowledge and experience. As such, memory is a function of consciousness and is not restricted to the cells of the physical body. Consciousness is the substratum for all creation, from the most abstract and refined awareness at the core of our being, to our dense physical bodies. Our memories are stored in the different media of consciousness at different levels of creation. In the physical body we could say memory is stored in the physical cells of the individual. However, no one has really come up with a comprehensive explanation for how that would work. At the soul level, memory functions in a non-localized field–what Rupert Sheldrake calls morphogenetic fields. Information is still recorded at this abstract level of existence, in the medium of what Sanskrit calls chitta or ‘mind stuff’. Exactly how memory is stored in the non-local domain of consciousness, nobody knows for sure either. At the deepest level of consciousness memory is self-knowledge. Here you remember your true divine status in eternal bliss consciousness. In this experience, memory of the self is the same thing as active cognition of the self.


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  1. Vitalij V. Rakshenko

    Soul is enough composite structure. Part of it is in the physical body, most is out the body. For example, memory of last lives and now a day life contains in the memory cells near 80-100 cm from body surface like in a computer. It is made from thin invisible matter. I guess it consist of the subatoms (muons and electrons). Our science had not investigate it yet.

  2. Chalwe Mwansa

    Thank you very much for the authentic answer.Continue being the best and you are positive role model for me. Thank you.

  3. androjim

    DNA memory and Soul memory: DNA is a present manifestation of all its past history as a material being. Ergo, DNA contains the "memory" of all the physical manifestations which came before it. The soul is the repository of all the experiences that consciousness has had in whatever material body it clothed itself with from the beginning of its creation. The melding of the soul with the body manifests a unique being which never existed before, and within that individual life, its experiences are posited in the soul`s consciousness, like its own Book of Lives. We do not "remember" our former lives because of a kind of amnesia which keeps the past experiences hidden from the present incarnation, which simplifies the individual`s unique experience so he/she can focus on the present incarnation.

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