March 8, 2018

Soul Bouncing.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I’ve been working on a new spiritual path for the past 8 months or so.  I been under a ton of stress the past year and working with your books and CDs along with your friend Wayne Dyer, has put me on a new life path that seems so promising!  However, I feel as if my soul bounces back and forth between levels of consciousness at a dizzying pace.  I will feel great for a week, and then one sharp criticism, or less than stellar performance sends me into a downward spiral.  I’m able to work myself back up after a few days, but I always seem to fall back.  I do my best to practice the 7 spiritual laws of success and to realize the oneness of the Universe, and that helps me until the next devastating experience.  I don’t know if I’m growing or just fooling myself.  I’ve been diagnosed as bipolar, but I’ve done my best to heal my mind with meditation and other things, however it brings me into myself, which would be appropriate for some, but as an actor and performance artist I am taught to always have my attention on “the other” and to be as reactionary as possible.

I don’t know if I should give up the theatre (which is my heart’s deepest desire) and resign myself to treating my soul and disorder or if I should continue in this cycle and just work and pray that I will get better.



Choosing the field of acting does add an extra challenge to your quest for personal stability. The exposure to criticism that the acting profession entails together with your struggles with bipolar disorder, might be a combination that is too much to overcome in your present circumstances. If you are seeing a therapist, perhaps you can get some help in making an honest determination as to what you are realistically capable of right now.

Whether you decide to take a sabbatical from acting or not, I would suggest that you adopt a serious meditation practice that will give you an experience of a core, immutable Self that doesn’t change regardless of your mood, or whatever role you are playing. Your authentic Self does not fluctuate with good reviews or criticisms. When you have made this essential Self your permanent reference point for all actions, then you won’t feel like your soul is bouncing around based on the comments of others or even your own self-criticisms. This shift to your true Self cannot be accomplished through reading inspirational books or listening to great ideas alone, it requires the inner experience of the transformation of consciousness that meditation offers.


When you have a solid spiritual core, then you can be as reactionary in your performance as you like, and it won’t pull you out of your center, and you can throw yourself into the role of the “other” with total abandon, without fear that the real you is never lost.



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