March 10, 2012

Soul and Heart.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


What is there a difference between the soul and the heart?


In a general sense they are different ways of talking about our subtle identity. The soul is our consolidated sense of thinking, feeling and knowing. It represents a more conditioned version of our consciousness than our pure spirit.
The heart often refers to our spiritual sensitivity, compassion, devotion, and our capacity for universal or divine love. It offers a way of knowing and relating that sees unity first and differences second.
As you can tell, there is some overlapping here between the two terms as they are not meant to describe distinctly different things.


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  1. sudarshana

    Soul is impersonal, pure, complete and limitless. Heart is personal,sensitive and attached .

  2. sonu

    heart lives and dies with human body. soul was, is and always be there till our job on earth is done and we finally merge with the supreme.

  3. sevakame

    Where am I? Love and gratitude. Peace, harmony, love and laughter.Non violence in thought, speech and act. Seva

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