May 29, 2023
Ask Deepak



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I’m having trouble with solipsism – the idea that “reality” is a figment of my imagination. Do you have any reasons to suspect that other consciousnesses exist? I am really having trouble with this.


Whenever you get too confused about these philosophical ideas of consciousness, remember that in the Vedic tradition, all these ideas are based on the actual experiences of reality by enlightened beings. They are not intellectual speculations. They experienced their own consciousness as completely unified with the universal consciousness of all existence. All “other consciousnesses” are within that one unified consciousness. That universal consciousness manifests all of creation through its self-interacting dynamics. That movement of consciousness is self-knowing, awakening. Pure consciousness awakening to its own nature is not imagination in the sense you are thinking, nor is the reality created by this consciousness an individual ego phenomenon. In unity consciousness you experience your own existence and consciousness as the universal consciousness that creates reality from its “imagination.”



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