May 18, 2019

Social Isolation from Judging Others.


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 Since my childhood, I had a faith that if anyone  does something wrongful act, he/she must be forced to realize that they had done something wrong because, if they are not made to realize, they will surely commit that wrongful act again. For that, either they must be punished or they must apologize their mistake. Therefore, whenever someone does a wrong to me, I try that they must realize their mistake. Due to it I am left with only few friends. My relations with my parents are worst because they many times lie to me & don’t understand my feelings. I want a honest relation with  everyone based on truth. In other words, I believe that as anyone behaves with me I must also behave with him/her in the same way. Please help. THANK YOU.


Surely by this time in your life you must have noticed that telling people they are doing something wrong does not stop them from doing it again. In fact, sometimes it has the opposite of your intended response—they resent your judgment and repeat their action to make their own point.

So perhaps it’s time to rethink this belief of yours that you need to police the world for wrong behavior. It’s making you friendless and isolated from your family and it is not making the world a better place either.

I would suggest you stop worrying about other’s bad behavior and focus on yourself. Consider that your ideals of truthfulness from others and your demand for punishment or apologies are not coming from a loving or compassionate part of you. Those judgments are from your ego-self that wants to control life by imposing a simplistic black-or-white morality on everything. Haven’t you ever been the object of that kind of thoughtless condemnation by others who don’t see the world the same way you do? It doesn’t feel good does it? Does that judgment from them make you want to accept their judgment, their point of view as the truth? That is what you are expecting others to do when you judge them.

It may help to realize that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know at the time. Kindness and compassion from you will inspire them to do better and it will bring you closer to people’s hearts as well.



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