June 28, 2022
Ask Deepak

Smoking and the Spiritual Life.


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Can I still be spiritual even if I have not quit smoking yet? Is smoking blocking the light from entering my soul? Will my meditations improve after I quit? I feel guilty because I have this bad habit still. I have been meditating for 10 months daily but I would like to know if the universe/creator is withholding ultimate joy until I stop smoking. I am beginning to experience peace but I have not found joy yet.


A spiritual life is never a finished product. It is not a snapshot of sainthood that one either fits or doesn’t. Spirituality is an orientation toward and dedication to outgrowing the old, limited versions of yourself into a more conscious, present, loving and wiser version. That process does not happen uniformly across all aspects of our life, so as we may be expanding our awareness in certain areas of our emotions and understanding, while some recalcitrant physical habits like smoking, may still be holding on in other areas. Be patient with yourself in this and in other aspects of life that may not be changing as quickly as you think they should. That loving and accepting attitude is a better indicator of your spirituality than smoking itself. There are plenty of ex-smokers who aren’t the least bit interested in spirituality, and at the other end of the spectrum, I can think of two enlightened saints in India who never even bothered to stop smoking, and it didn’t stand in the way of their awakening. But that said, a patient and gentle will be the best way approach to changing your old habits in the long run.



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