August 9, 2022
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Singing Career.


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Hi Mr. Chopra, I am a student studying music diploma in a college. I have a clear idea as to what I want to do in life; I want to become a professional singer. But I am very confused as to how shall I start as you see I want to do so much in my life that I am stuck. My first priority is singing but I also want to learn composing, different instruments, do theatres and acting and dance, read books, in short I want to be a polymath. I want to work as hard as Mozart did. But u see as I focus on singing, I feel that I should also not lose my touch with other arts. So I feel to do both. Then I realize that mental development is must, so I also start reading books so that when there is a time to be professional singer, I am well developed mentally too because I am also interested in leadership. Then I realize that my social life isn’t going good. Then I focus on exercise everyday too. I mean it’s clashed up…If I want to do one thing I miss another…..What shall I do? I you can please guide me. But I would like to state that I cannot sacrifice singing… Also I thought of using law of attraction; but does it work on multiple things at a time or one thing at once. Please help me…. Thank you very much. I would really appreciate your support.


You have a clear focus in life – singing. Let that focus organize and prioritize all your other interests. Don’t let your grand ideals of being a composer, musician and actor dilute your central talents and energies at this formative time in life. Make sure you give your full focus to mastering the art of singing for now. The other arts you are studying in college like dance will have their natural connection to the art of singing. You don’t have to pursue them as separate fields dividing your central attention, and dance can also serve as a source of balanced physical exercise. Connecting and spending time with other classmate singers and artists can be your social life as well.



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