February 2, 2021
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Sin of Divorce.


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Dear Deepak, Do you think getting divorced is a sin according to Hindu religion? Will I create a negative karma for myself, by getting divorced? Please advise.


I assume by ‘sin’ you mean action that is contrary to social customs and belief or what Hinduism tells you is the ideal of marriage. In that sense yes, I suppose it is a sin. But the principle behind that ideal is for you to uphold your life purpose and spiritual evolution even when it would be easier to get divorced. But if straying from your spiritual path is the overriding rule guiding proper behavior or sinful behavior, then you need to ask yourself if staying in the marriage might be more detrimental to your dharma and spiritual growth and therefore a greater sin. The general rules of religion can only help you so far in your journey. To determine what is the right choice for you now, you must go deep within and find your direction directly from your spiritual core. This situation is a blessing in disguise because it is compelling you to discover your divine truth and learn to act from there.



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  1. aroha.huia

    Helpful answers and a question to contemplate wether divorce is to go astray or for our spiritual growth and enlightenment. If its honesty for our spiritual growth then that's something to contemplate or as Deepak said going deep to your core to find direction. All the best with your path.

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