June 19, 2013

Separated Partners.


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Deepak, My partner and I have separated. I am still very much in love and I believe he has feelings for me as well, although I'm not certain to what extent. In the last few months, the distance between us grew and we lost appreciation for each other and did not honor our love as before. I have been on a spiritual path for quite some time and I see now he is also opening to unity consciousness, practicing yoga and meditation, reading and such. I know he is not yet ready to entertain a reconciliation but I remain open and hopeful this will come. Is there anything I can do to help with the process? Should I actively reach out to him and keep lines of communication open or let him explore this new reality on his own? I have suggested counseling but he is not ready for that. I know my life was more fulfilled with him and would like to continue to grow this relationship, especially now that he is more focused on his spiritual journey.


It’s natural to want to resume a relationship that you miss. But it is important to understand why you separated and to make sure you have understood and experienced what you need from this time apart before you can think of getting back together without running into the same problems. If he isn’t open to reconciliation yet, you need to honor that and not try to force the issue. Your focus should be on using this time to work on what you need to, so that you can move forward in the relationship when the time is right.


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  1. ardz

    Nice but should she actively reach out to him and keep lines of communication open or let him explore this new reality on his own?

  2. Presence

    Continue on your spiritual path and your path will guide you. If it leads you back then it did what you wanted it to do; however if the path leads you elsewhere then it did what it needed you to do. All in the hopes of finding a better place, both physically and mentally. In the end you will be better...

  3. Alejandro

    If you are sure, you gave to him your best, with open hearth, let it on his own. If you love somebody, let it free. If it comback to you, It is yours, If not, it never was. But if you know you have made mistakes, ask for forgivness, truly and "with open hart". Sorry if I made mistakes in my writing.... Wish you the best!!

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