September 25, 2013



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak, Thank you for sharing your great thoughts! How can I stop the cycle of self sabotaging my personal life? I have noticed that whenever I have been in love, it am my worst enemy. Hateful firstly to myself as I behave so needy & doubtful, and then really treat my loved one extremely badly. Please help. I wish to stop this cycle. I am committed to everything you ask me to do as its a priority to clean this cycle.


If you are sabotaging your relationships, it indicates that something inside you feels you do not deserve to be in a happy loving relationship. You do deserve love, so you need to uncover the source of this false belief inside and heal it with a true awareness of your spiritual value. You may need the assistance of a counselor or a trustworthy friend who can be completely honest with you to help you through this healing process. Once the old sabotaging belief has been healed and replaced with a real recognition of your essential loving self, you will no longer undermine your relationships.


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  1. TinMan

    This is my problem, always pointing to anyone else but myself for happiness, always trying to base them being satisfied with me for being satisfied with myself, am in therapy, and it helps, but this is a hard mind change to make, it is painful changing grooves that have been prevalent for 30+ years, hurts, but always, always, always good things come to me when I focus more on myself, seems a universal truth.

  2. DrThomasPaul

    Sometimes one self-sabotages their relationships due to unresolved, unconscious experiences stemming from past lives, prenatal, and even negative discussions during surgery. The unconscious mind simply records everything and can be accessed and released with de-hypnosis. I encourage you to learn more at Past Life Therapy Center or Best wishes, Dr. Thomas Paul

  3. Kevin Murathe


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