January 24, 2017

Self in the World.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How does one possess the energy truth of self in a world with so many other energies bombarding self?  In solitary times, the vision is clear and the system quiet and being grounded is quite easy.  Going out into the world to work, engage with others, the energy becomes scattered and my mind body spirit fragmented.   Your advice would be greatly valued.


The higher self is not affected by the external forces of the world. Our true self does not need protection from bombarding energies.  It is the relative aspects of our nature that are affected, such as our body, mind and personality. When you feel clear, your changeable energies are aligned with your core self, and that is what makes you feel grounded. When the connection is weak or tenuous, then you feel vulnerable and scattered. Maintaining that inner silence during daily activity requires an open and fluid connection to your higher self that gets established through regular meditation.



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