April 24, 2016



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Hello Deepak,

I am 24 and I have been on my spiritual path for 2 years. I am also a law student preparing for the state exam. The problem is that I am daily yearning for further self-exploration and self-discovery that I am only occupied with myself. I like what I study but the obligation to study feels like a burden because I only feel like studying myself meaning, journaling and reading. I know that after the exam I will start my lifestyle business which has nothing to do with law and I am actually only doing the state exam because I already came far, I like it and to at least have a degree. The thought that I have to study but really do it once in a while because I am so into reading personal development and inner work stuff makes me confused and I don´t know how to handle it.

Kind regards


You may not have the luxury of reading and journaling about personal development as much as you’d like, but that doesn’t have to be distressing or confusing.  Even if you give yourself a half an hour a day for that, it can be quite valuable.  As for you law school studies it is important to realize that you are strengthening and sharpening your mind with these studies. This mental development that comes with higher education is can be useful in your spiritual and personal growth as well, because in getting your degree, you learn critical thinking as well as how to start, persist and complete a project. These skills will be invaluable in your lifelong journey of personal discovery.



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