February 20, 2014

Seeing the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak: Due to your influence and teachings , and my personal journey of transformation, for the past years I have changed quite a lot, and I can notice it, in the way I approach and interpret the events that happen to me in the world. I no longer see life as a struggle but I navigate in it, as if I was a fish swimming in the ocean´s waves. I go with the flow and move on, taking what it comes with an open heart. I easily balance myself back to a situation of calm, and feel bliss many times a day. My question is: The majority of the people that surround me, whom I deeply love, and think are good marvelous people, still see and interpret life as a constant struggle, in which they have to either fight or flee. Sometimes they get annoyed at me, when they ask me for advice, and I express my point of view. They state that I am "rosy" even though I don´t think I am `rosy`. I just cannot empathize as much as I used to with the "suffering and blame" they put on the world, when I easily see how they have a life filled with opportunities. What to do? I have tried just to listen, but to be honest, sometimes just to listen doesn’t help, as in a certain way, I suspect that my passive listening makes them move on through the same type of patterns, of "I am a victim of life´s because life is a struggle" year after year after year. Even if life has improved to them and they achieved many things. I have learned so much these years I just wished I could transmit to them my knowledge, but it’s like whatever position I take: either the listener or the adviser, isn’t working now. As a listener, I suspect that they just reaffirm to themselves what they are stating to me because they reaffirm in their brains the same brain circuits, and as an adviser, they get mad at me, and state I am "rosy", as they cannot understand my point of view. Lots of love to you and thank you for everything.


Your perspective of flowing with life and focusing on the what is helpful and enjoyable, does you great credit. This approach obviously works well for you, so don’t let others dissuade you from it, this is your path. As much as you would like to help your loved ones from their perspective of seeing life as a struggle, if they are resistant to your message, then you need to respect that they are following their path too, according to the time and circumstances that they need. If you want to support them, then be true to your own path, and let that serve as a silent model to them. Whatever they are ready to take in from your example, they will see and apply to their life.


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  1. Robbychrisrawls

    Thank you so much for the question, as I am experiencing the same. Thank you for the responses that are so helpful

  2. Ron Greenstein

    Hang in there! Your practice, process and progress are helping those with whom you are connected in unseen ways, including your through your living example. Even if you were to illicit a positive response that one has intellectually understood what you have learned and shared with them, they still will not have really learned it until they go through the practice, experimentation, and inner transformation. Even the greatest Teachers of all could not expect more than a few, if any at all, to take up their teachings in a whole-hearted manner. Consider Jesus and Mohammad the Prophet as two examples. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqi3iirCU4Q

  3. heartphone

    Am seeing the world through red/cyan glasses and it looks very promising, designing now my own brand of domestic gear, printing it out on a 3D printer.. Am already part of the third industrial revolution which will conquer the world this year!!

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