February 23, 2013

Seeing Holograms.


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My question is when I go to sleep or when I meditate and close my eyes I see a lot holograms of people doing things and faces what does that mean… please explain?


If it is just a random display of unknown faces and actions, then it probably doesn’t mean anything of importance During sleep and meditation, you are allowing your mind and body to discharge accumulated tension and stress. And since you are likely a visually dominant person, you will be more aware of this release through the sense of sight.


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  1. Mina

    If you see these holograms with your eyes closed ,these holograms are inside of you. These beings are in you. I see them too. I know exactly what you are speakin of. The kingdom is within you and also scattered along the earth. We are host . It sounds crazy but its true. If you see these beings outside of you then they are outside of you. The universe is holographic . This world we live in is an electrical illusion. Everything that is matter is a shadow to the light of what is really there. These beings enter and leave through our eyes.

  2. ReikiK8

    This has been happening to me for years. I have only recognized one entity, which was our pet dog shortly after she passed. Only once has the phenomenon been animated, like a movie. I saw a man walking his dog on a snow-covered lane lined with trees. Go figure.

  3. Dora Gauna

    You are so pretty.

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