April 24, 2012

Searching for Contentment.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I struggle with believing in God since you can't see him or her & there are so many other religions out there even with a step mother whose a minister in a Methodist church I still struggle to have faith. My step mother is in Florida & I live in North Carolina she's isnt much help at times. I think it’s because she's giving me advice in the past & I listened to her but didn't follow through what she had told me to do. I feel at times I have no one but my fiancé who cares about my life & my kids’ life here. I know I am not alone but it sure feels that way some days when all others I know won't return phone calls or respond to emails I send. I know I have issues & life is nowhere near perfect for me but I am trying to live the only way I know how to. How can I get the peace I deserve & feel that I am important?


To really feel connected to people at a deep level, you need to find that essence within that unites you with everyone. I don’t think you feeling alone in the world is about believing in God or not. And it probably isn’t your minister step mother’s fault that you struggle to have faith. Meditation is a sure way to transcend your individuality and connect with the universe in a real way that goes beyond belief in God. Once you switch from looking outside yourself for contentment to looking inside, you won’t feel upset about whether someone returns your phone calls or not. 


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  1. Gereova Tina

    People made it all up. There is no such thing as religion. Believe in what makes you happy. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Deepak.

  2. Suthakar Sundralingam

    There is no religion...

  3. Ralph Castro Marjorie Silva

    methinks it is better to live as if god exists than not!

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