January 25, 2021
Ask Deepak

Satori and Unity Consciousness.


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I finished reading Spiritual Solutions. I really like the practical applications you offer. I was originally introduced to meditation by an American Buddhist monk and psychologist. Previously, I have read books written by other American Buddhists, like Jack Kornfield. My question is: In the Buddhist tradition the concept of Satori seems to be an extraordinary ecstatic experience, some never achieve it, some only once. Satori is described as a “dissolving of the self” or a loss of the boundaries of the body and a deep feeling of undifferentiation. Is this what you mean by “unity consciousness”?


The experience of Satori is the initial experience of spiritual unity with universal consciousness. Unity consciousness is the permanent experiential reality of oneness of individual existence with universal existence, 24 hours a day every day. In meditation, we begin with brief experiences of transcendence where we know our real nature is unlimited by this body and mind. As those short glimpses become more frequent and longer in duration, that reality of unity grows stronger until it becomes our dominant reality.



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