January 31, 2017

Samadhi and Non-Local Awareness.


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Thank you very much for your all you do. It seems the concepts of “non-local awareness” (as you describe it), “enlightenment” (as described by many), and “Samadhi” (as described in Yogananda’s poem of the same name) are all closely related. They all speak of the awareness of the “eternal oneness” of all that is – one consciousness –  while at the same time not rejecting Ego (the illusion of separation, the Human Experience, the awareness of I Am, awareness of the physical universe). Does my understanding resonate?


Yes, your understanding echoes the ancient wisdom of how the Higher Self is experienced and lived. That recognition of the self within is Samadhi. It is the experience of the non-local quality of consciousness, which is beyond the limitations of space and time. In time, that transcendental awareness is also see in others and in the perceptions of the world. This is unity consciousness where this oneness of consciousness is the dominant experience. This idea is fully developed in my latest book called You Are the Universe, co-authored with Menas Kafatos.



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