August 11, 2020
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Saintly Visitations.


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Since I was a young girl, I have had experiences that I do not understand. One that really stands out is that when I was 15, I had started to get ready to go to bed for the evening. I decided to sit on the floor next to my bed and say my prayer. As I turned to the side to get into bed, I saw about 2 feet above the floor a man in a white robe with a blue sash around his waist look at me and point his finger at me. He was covered by a golden light. At that point a string of white light went from his finger to the middle of my forehead. I flew up off the floor as I was filled with so much energy that I could run a mile. It was dark out so I decided to run in my parent’s room instead to tell them what happened. My father said I had a spiritual experience. What I don’t know is why? Why me? I was not raised in a religious home. My parents studied Buddhism. Can you give me any insight on this? Since then i have had dreams of such beings who tell me and show me of things that are coming. Please help me.


I’m not sure you need any help. All these experiences are positive and they do not seem to have unbalanced your life in any way I can see. You want to know why these spiritual experiences happened and why they happened to you. You said you weren’t raised in a religious home, but that your parents studied Buddhism. Your experiences weren’t religious experiences, they were spiritual. They started when you were praying, presumably praying for guidance and help. From the vision your chakra in your forehead was stimulated and infused you with energy. This may not be a typical spiritual experience in its details, but it is a classic spiritual experience in its form and outcome, so you don’t have to wonder about whether this was an experience unique to you. We are in essence spiritual beings, so we all have spiritual experiences on a regular basis. But too often because of  our conditioning, our materialistic beliefs and our old habits of thinking, we miss or ignore  those spiritual encounters and miracles. Instead of asking why one would have such an experience, I would ask, why not?



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