March 2, 2018

Sadness of Autumn.


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 I always have feelings in the fall that seem sad. The leaves are dropping, its colder out, there’s less sunlight, and it feels like everyone isn’t themselves? Am I projecting this or do others share these feelings?


While many people do share your feelings during the autumn months, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that during the fall, no one feels like their normal selves.  As the seasons change from summer to fall, the world around us undergoes a cyclic transformation from laws of nature that express an active outer radiance of vitality to a more restful, inward directed  energy. Those who are sensitive to this shift in nature may feel emotionally less exuberant and, by extension, perhaps some sadness in contrast with the previous season.

Emotionally, this time of year is good for reflecting, taking stock, expressing gratitude, and looking within for strength and guidance. If we can learn to align our feelings with Nature’s changing season, then we should be able to find the changing quality of beauty, joy, and peace inherent in every season.




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