April 23, 2020

Restarting Meditation.


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I am a long time meditator who fell out of my habit of twice a day meditation following a divorce about ten years ago — for the last ten years it has been a few times a week, but not consistent…I found some of your guided meditations on YouTube and have used them as a vehicle to return to my practice…I am slowly approaching my meditation goal of twice a day (though I am not there yet)  plus yoga…I am wondering how primordial sound technique differs from mantra meditation. Advice on how to make my meditation a regular practice again is also my question…I miss how it used to feel…



Primordial Sound Meditation is mantra meditation that you do in silence with eyes closed. So it is different than guided meditation.  It is easy to practice and does not involve concentration. If  you are happy with your current practice, there is really no need to start a different mantra meditation. If you wish to learn Primordial Sound Meditation, you can find out how from the Chopra.com website. 
To restart your practice make a commitment to meditate twice a day, every day for the next 21 days. If it helps, use a calendar that you can mark off on it every time you meditate. After 3 weeks, you  should be back in the habit again and meditating automatically. 



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