November 8, 2013

Responsibilities and Hardships.


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Hi Deepak, I am eighteen years old and just realizing the responsibilities and hardships that come along with adulthood. I believe that as a child, I had a very idyllic sense of happiness that continues to fade as I enter the workforce and the adult world, saddled with financial concerns, career stress, academic pressure, and the depressing realities of the world. I can feel myself already starting to grow cynical, and I find it hard to enjoy myself and truly be happy these days. How do I stop this now and revamp my mindset? How do I regain a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in life despite all the difficulties that come with adulthood? Thanks.


Adulthood does come with pressures and concerns, but it also is accompanied with an awakening of one’s powers, skills, understanding and emotional depth. This means you are finally equipped to engage life fully and freely. That freedom, the capability to exercise your energy and will to better yourself and the world is an incredible blessing and opportunity. That is something to celebrate and feel positive about.


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  1. patricia

    Learn How to Be a Sealed Waterbottle! I can feel the sadness and disillusionment in your post. You are not alone but knowing this is a shared experience does not ease your mourning for a happier time. Yes, we are surrounded by facts, in current reality and all of history, that can turn almost anyone into a cynic. Unfortunately, sometimes it`s a struggle to meet our worldly circumstances and obligations While protecting our inner, soulful self. This is a lifelong challenge that is usually very difficult but the alternative is to let it in and watch yourself become cynical and bitter. Being the water bottle is an exercise to recognize and appropriately respond to those outside hard realities while keeping our soul protected and clean from the pollution of those realities. As if we are a sealed bottle of purified spring Water floating in sewage. It is overwhelming to tackle all your obligations at once so divide it up, make a one-at-a-time plan of attack and try to find advice from financial experts. As a gift to your future self, shield and protect your inner self and become the water bottle.

  2. PJ

    Take it one bit at a time. You don`t have to deal with a mortgage and 3-4 kids yet. You don`t have to plan your whole life. I assume you are a college student. Just do school and if you have a job. You can get student loans and work-study programs are available at Universities that would involve working at the school. I didn`t go back to school until I was 25. I took care of my mother who was ill when I was your age. My whole life then was my mother, my boyfriend, and my part-time job. Not everyone who is older is cynical and negative. Some are very wise. It is just funny when we hear younger people getting dramatic about very simple things. Just deal with what is in front of you now. Try to learn to do things for yourself so you are not always asking your parents like your laundry, some cooking, and learning basic car things. Most people don`t expect you to know everything and take care of yourself entirely at this age. Relax. Maybe you should join some student clubs and socialize with others in college.

  3. Cameron Walker

    Deepak Chopra - bro - nice T Shirt, looks like Icebreaker with the NZ Nikau Palm on the front. Chur chur from New Zealand :)

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