May 10, 2014

Relocation Problems.


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Hi Deepak,
Recently my husband and I have moved to a new city for a better life. We both have great jobs, earning more money and were able to buy our first home. Things are great between me and my husband however my mother and father in-law don't approve of this move. They came down to visit for the first time, the first couple of days were great but the last 3 days were miserable. They started to say things to my husband that it was his plan all along to move out and leave them, and they blamed me for taking away their son from them. Their trip didn't end well. They ended up leaving our house the night before and stayed at a hotel and left the following day. We tried to stop them but they didn't listen, my husband called but they wouldn't tell him which hotel they were staying at. Before leaving my mother in law told my husband that he was dead to them and not to every call again. My husband has never had a great relationship growing up with them because they have always stopped him from living his own life, and they believe my husband owes his life to them. They have always treated their younger 2 kids a lot better than they have treated my husband. The new city we are living in is about 3 hrs away from my family, and they said to my husband that he moved out to be closer to my family and that I came in and destroyed their family just so I can take their son away from them. We moved out of their house because they were really difficult to get along with and the city that my husband is from is really expensive. We made this move for our future, so we can give our future kids they life they deserve. We don't know what to do now, as my in laws aren't answering their phone. They will turn my husband’s entire family against him as they've done that in the past. Please help us!


Your in-laws are unhappy with you and your husband moving because it deprives them of the opportunity of controlling your lives. Their dramatic leaving your house to stay at a hotel a night early and not answering the phone are childish tantrums and indicate that connecting and being close with family is not what they really want. Telling their married son that he is dead to them because he moved to another city with a better job is so obviously manipulating that it is absurd. We should want our children to grow into responsible adults who make their own competent, caring decisions – not timid puppets we can intimidate and control the rest of our lives.
You and your husband made an intelligent move for yourselves and you future children. I suspect any other couple would have done the same thing in your situation, even your in-laws when they were young. It’s not your job to make them accept or approve of your decision. They will simply have to come to terms with it over time and on their own terms. Maybe when you have children they will If your in-laws are willing to turn the rest of the family against him and you, and have done so in the past, then you must realize there is nothing you can do to please them. Even if you quit your new jobs, sold your home and moved back, they wouldn’t be satisfied. Focus on your own marriage for now and don’t waste your energy trying to make them happy. Tell them that from your side, they are welcome to visit and that they are always loved and respected. But let them know that you like your home and jobs in your new town and have no intention of moving back. You may also want to inform the rest of your husband’s family about your feelings and motivations, so they can come to their own conclusions about your move and not have to rely on your in-laws version of events.


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    Perfect Answer! Nothing more to add.

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    I would like to ask a question.I think I knew him as a child.

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    like your advises a lot

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