May 6, 2021
Ask Deepak

Reincarnation Fears.


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Reincarnation is my worst possible fear for what happens to your soul when you die. No memory of family or friends, just an eternal rollercoaster of repetition. Can you help me understand what would ultimately be the point? Is there anything you can tell me to help me accept this idea?


The concept of reincarnation in the Indian wisdom tradition is the soul’s progression to its full potential – enlightenment, bliss and freedom.  It is not an eternal process, it is an unfoldment of self-realization based on the free will of choices of the soul. If there is repetition of certain patterns of experience, then it is the soul’s own agenda that is organizing that until that aspect of self-awareness is gained.  And while it is true that for most of us, experiences from the past are not consciously held in our memory, but the bonds of love and affection are still carried over from one and allowed to deepen.  You can still gain the benefit of those past connections, while you are free to develop new relationships as your heart and soul’s direction needs.



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