December 19, 2012

Reevaluating Bodybuilding.


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Deepak, Ever since I was 9 years old I have been intrigued by the form of our muscles, intense nutrition and health. I am now 59 and have lived what I feel is my calling. But, in my spiritual journey I see nothing that makes me feel ok with my choice. Am I giving too much attention to the human form? I am a Personal Trainer and own a nutrition preparation company , and I am a professional Natural female bodybuilder. I turn 60 in August and I feel like competing again after a 5 year retirement, (strange word, since my goal as a competitor has always been to merely compete against myself – trying to improve on my own physique). Is it wrong to put so much emphasis on this vehicle that merely houses my spirit? I really believe in honoring our physiques with good nutrition and exercise and if I inspire other women to believe they can improve their physical body then is there a harm? And yes I do work very hard at it – I do not merely dapple – but I love it!


If you love it and you are helping empower people and improve their self-esteem, then you are doing something worthwhile and following your calling. It may be inappropriate for some to put this much emphasis on the body, but not for you because of your role in helping direct people’s attention to taking care of their bodies.

What I sense in your letter is that you do recognize that your spiritual essence is more important than the physical body and you are concerned that your work and passion does not necessarily reflect your spiritual values. So take this as an opportunity to see how you could incorporate your spiritual beliefs into your passion for bodybuilding. You are at an age and at a professional stature where you can take some risks in what you want teach. What if you were to redirect the approach of bodybuilding from external standards to an inward spiritual force that directs the form and function of the muscles and the body’s shape?


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  1. Jenny

    You should take some protein supplements. They will help you big time. so you can see which one is the best for you.

  2. rosalie

    One way that you may be able to reconcile what you do with your inner self and spirituality is to recognize that you are living a life of service to others. you teach and inspire others by your example and in doing so you are honouring God. . I am 62 years old grandma and I tip my hat to you for the dedication and discipline that you have to do what you do. I wish I was so disciplined in taking care of me! I wish you the best.

  3. James

    Check this out The authors Pavel and Andy Bolton and their new book Deadlift Dynamite

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