July 22, 2018

Reawakening Lost Energy.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.



I have been drawn to your teachings for many years. I work as a nurse practitioner in the community and am a busy mother and wife. At age 53 I feel like I am fading away-my physical my emotional and my spiritual energies. Despite my understanding of foundation of health I cannot seem to return to a sense of vitality. I have moments but not a sustained effect. I have imagined if I ever found myself sitting on a plane next to you what would I ask? How does one forgive and forget the awful things you have done in life? What do you think is one or two of the most important things to do to feel better physically? Thank you for your consideration.


If you have eliminated any underlying organic problem as the source of your fatigue, then a good place to look next is the simple matter of whether you are getting enough high-quality sleep at night. From there you can look at your diet. It’s not enough that the food you eat is fresh and pure, you must also make sure that your entire gastrointestinal system is digesting, metabolizing, assimilating and eliminating properly. Many find that digestive enzymes, probiotics and other supplements can be helpful for this. A moderate exercise or yoga asana program is also a key element in for regaining lost energy.


Aside from these physical considerations, a daily spiritual practice such as meditation can be essential in reconnecting you to your own unlimited source of energy within your consciousness.

You brought up the point about how to forgive yourself for the things you regret in your past. That is relevant because holding on to blame and self-recrimination will drain you of physical energy just as effectively as an illness. Start your forgiveness process by recognizing that there was no absolute right or wrong decision to be made. You did the best you knew, based on your understanding at the time. That is all anyone can do. Those choices have led you to this present moment and this is where your current choices lie. This moment is where you can live your life and exercise your power.

When you accept that you didn’t make any ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ choices, it is a small step to loving yourself and forgiving yourself for your judgments about your past. This process of self-forgiveness will go a long way toward reactivating your emotional and spiritual energies.




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