March 21, 2012

Real Change.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Real change is accompanied by new insight. Insight is an impulse of love dissolving some old imprint.

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  1. Rubi Pun


  2. heartphone

    Here is some wisdom I received from walking an age old symbol known in every civilization on our planet: The labyrinth as a brain trainer can be visualized into 3D as a flying saucer: a flying saucer is able to spin around its axis: it can spin to the right and it can spin to the left, making a u-turn during the spin. Imagine for a second the spinning to the right and the spinning to the left happening simultaneously… Now imagine our earth doing the same, when sun rises in the east it is spinning to the right, when sun sets in the west, it is spinning to the left. Yet it spins simultaneously around the sun. We experience sunrise and sunset but that is simply because of the earth spinning around the sun in a particular way. In the same way our brain is adapted to the earth’s rythm. But the Sun is always shining and that has been proven by astronauts who have been in a space shuttle watching our earth and seeing the same thing happening to her as we can see, from the earth, what is happening to the moon.

  3. heartphone

    Life is your own perception...... You make your own drama.To me life just unfolds when I let it and when I do that, it does not let me down. That`s because I surrender to life.. as simple as that. Intention boils down to simply let life unfold and be at peace. It gave me a simple but creative and fulfilling life......I am the change and I see it in my daily simple happiness.

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