September 17, 2018

Quitting Work.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


My present place of work is a very negative environment with lying and bullying as part of the culture but they pay a high salary. So for a long time I have been trapped by these Golden Handcuffs, I would get to Saturday afternoon and start dreading going to work on the Monday.

I have been in my present line of work IT for a number of years, although I have done “ok” and it pays well I have never really enjoyed the work and my heart feels empty but I don’t know what to do with my career to change it or improve things. I am middle aged and have to meet financial commitments each month.

I have read your book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” a number of times and try to practise each of the laws daily. I have realised perhaps IT as a career is not part of my Dharma which is why my heart feels empty and I don’t enjoy it. I also have taken on board what you say about Uncertainty. I have resigned from my job and for a couple weeks I felt happy about the Uncertainty and charged with good thoughts about how it will be so refreshing starting a new job with new opportunities. But now as I work out my notice, the uncertainty of change, giving up a well-paid job and uncertain economic times I feel scared and worse than I did before.

I want to remain upbeat and alert to opportunities and energised by the blank canvas ahead for finding my Dharma but I am beginning to panic

Please can you provide me with some guidance or words to focus on?


Finding happiness in your place of work is certainly largely influenced by the outer dharma of the type of work you are doing, but just as important is the inner dharma of finding enjoyment and meaning in whatever activity you are pursuing. Perhaps IT is not the right career for you, but if there is no other career that animates and excites your passion either, then I would suggest that you focus more on finding your inner dharma first, and let that lead you to a different outer dharma or career. At that time, there will still be an opportunity to embrace uncertainty, but for right now, leaving a secure job because it doesn’t meet your expectations of what a dharmic career should be, is likely to incapacitate you with fear and anxiety, and that will make it more difficult to listen to the quiet guidance within you directing you toward a better situation.

My advice would be to stay where you are for now, find ways to grow from the situation. Look for ways that this job is providing the perfect circumstances for you to overcome entrenched viewpoints and ego patterns. Then be grateful that your higher Self has brought you this job and know that it will bring along exactly the joy you require as soon as you have mastered what you need to learn here.



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