January 20, 2023
Ask Deepak

Quitting Cigarette Smoking.


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Dear Deepak, I am a single working girl. For a year I was drinking a little more than necessary, but this eventually stopped once I began to do yoga and meditation. I didn’t think this was possible, but now I don’t crave alcohol at all. However, I still smoke and I am not able to stop smoking no matter how hard I try. I live alone and this adds to that. I have however noticed that I don’t crave cigarettes if I have my parents around. Would you please advise me on how I can start stop smoking altogether? Thank you in advance.


Because you said you don’t crave cigarettes when your parents are around, it sounds like your smoking habit may be a way to distract yourself from feeling alone and vulnerable. Your meditation and yoga practice are developing a deep inner sense of security, but you should also find other ways to make sure you feel connected to others, and feel safe and secure. With these things in place, simply be conscious about your smoking habit. Notice everything you feel before, during, and after you smoke. Be patient, forgiving, and loving with yourself, and soon enough the cravings will stop the same way they did with alcohol.



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