October 18, 2014

Pure Potential.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

There lies a realm within you that is pure potential, where anything and everything is possible – even miracles, especially miracles.

A perfect way to connect with the universe is by meditating with friends and loved ones.

Invite a friend to meditate with you on our next journey, Energy of Attraction http://bit.ly/ME_EOA

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  1. vivianamis

    The realm of all possibilities... When the Self is freed from mind there are no limits to what one can experience. Miracles are things that happen against all odds such as healings, walking on water, traveling through space and time. In the realm of all possibilities one is no longer bound to the laws of this world and one becomes a witness to simply all possibilities. In order to free yourself from mind you have to separate your true self from who you believe you are. You are not your mind, nor your body nor anything your mind can come up with.

  2. Patricia Torres

    So true !!!!

  3. Lilia Vitte

    Cuidado!!! No son buenas las meditaciones masivas, se crea muchísima energía que puede ser robada por la maldad.....sí es Lo mejor meditar, pero cada quién a solas o en grupos pequeños, pero jamás mundiales...!!!!!!!!! Que Dios nos Bendiga a todos

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