November 3, 2022
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Pure Consciousness.


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Could you help me understand turiya? It seems like that is the end goal of awakening but like deep sleep there seems to be a lack of experience. Or is it that upon full realization we “reside” there but can still operate out of that state? By that I mean, is it safe to say that we exist at the absolute level but we live at the level of the relative forever?


Turiya in Sanskrit simply means “fourth.” In the context of yoga, it means the fourth state of consciousness, distinct from the three common states of waking, dreaming and sleeping. It refers to a state of wakefulness of consciousness itself— pure consciousness, as opposed to conventional wakefulness that is aware of sensory experience, feelings, or   thoughts. 

The early, brief experiences of pure consciousness may seem more like a lack of experience. Some have even reported it is like blacking out momentarily— a gap in experience like sleep, but somehow different from sleep. These are the smoky, murky experiences of turiya. As the nervous system purifies and becomes rested, clarity and awareness grows until the experience of pure consciousness is a very real and powerful experience in itself. In fact, it becomes more real than any other experience, and is recognized as the basis of what constitutes reality. That is called turiya-tita, when the experience of the Self becomes permanent. In that state, we know our true self as absolute, but our physical lives still play out their roles in the relative, ever-changing world. But that experience doesn’t last forever. As higher states of consciousness unfold toward unity consciousness, that experience of the relative is eventually cognized in its true absolute status of pure consciousness as well.



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