February 28, 2018

Psychic Gifts.


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Namaste, may I ask your opinion on those of us who use our intuition or psychic gifts, to assist others, is there a right or wrong in doing so? I was told if I continue to help others in this way, I would be burdening my soul with karma, is that just a limiting belief? I would love some insight into healing and reading for others Thank you


Using your intuitive abilities to is not a right or wrong thing in itself. The concern you expressed is in inadvertently taking on another person’s pain or karma when you do a reading or healing for them. If you are not clear with your boundaries and intentions, that is a real possibility. When you establish an empathic connection with another person it is easy to take on their problems without even realizing what is happening. That happens even with people who aren’t highly intuitive. Social workers, therapists, counselors, and psychologists, are all susceptible. It can even happen with close friends and family. It’s important to learn how to be deeply compassionate and connected to another without burdening yourself with their issues.

When your spiritual practice allows you to remain in a state of stillness, openness, and centeredness even while you are engaged with another person, then your mind and body will not take on their stuff. In the meantime, state your intention very clearly to yourself before you begin that you are not going to allow any of your client’s patterns or tendencies into your mindbody system.



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  2. alicia reyes

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