December 24, 2013

Projecting Our Fears.


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Dear Deepak, From past readings, I've understood that what we feel, like say anger or hatred towards someone is nothing but fear/anger towards ourselves, that we end up projecting onto other people. And by resolving our issues within us, by forgiving ourselves, we can overcome these very issues. My question with regard to this is: What if your friends start avoiding you or choose not to be with you, for reasons you don't know well of? Even though you do understand that they have their own issues and you hope they overcome these, eventually a sourness also develops inside you towards them, a sort of anger and sorrow at the unfairness of it all. In such a case, is the universe trying to tell us that since it's people close to us that are avoiding us, is it time for some introspection? The hatred towards them wouldn't have surfaced had they not started avoiding me. Also, we're often surrounded by jealous people, and situations created by them, we try to be strong often, but after a while it gets tiring. How do we deal with such situations time and again? My way of life doesn't include bad mouthing a person, even if that person is horrid to me, so at times I find myself lost, when people pass judgments about me and indulge in gossip about me. Thank you in advance.


If your friends are uncharacteristically avoiding you, then a little healthy introspection can be helpful. But don’t beat yourself up unnecessarily. The first thing to do is directly ask your friends if their distance is related to something you have done or said. There may be simple misunderstanding that can be cleared up or there may be some other straightforward explanation for their behavior. If after that approach you still feel there is some unexpressed discomfort in the relationship, such as jealousy or resentment, then no amount of reflection on your part will change their feelings. Take this as an opportunity to let go of your desire to control others opinions toward you. It’s a hard lesson, but everyone has the freedom to form their own views regardless of how petty or uninformed they might be from your perspective. It is about respecting and honoring their path even if is not yours.


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  1. Angelica Allen-Bentley

    I can relate to the question because I have been at both ends. I have walked away from toxic relationships, sometimes without saying how I feel. Other times I have been ignored or ostracized and had no idea why. But Deepak one thing I learned is, as you mentioned, resentment and jealousy cannot be changed on your part. Those particular feelings have nothing to do with you; it is about that other person`s perspective and, in the case of jealousy, insecurity.

  2. God`s Metaphor

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  3. Leslie Grace Swiednicki

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