May 12, 2020

Progress in the Gap.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

I understand meditation is a means and not an end to reach the goal and that it is an on-going process but in terms of reality sandwich, whenever I meditate and I happen to be at the level of gap, I am at the quantum layer and when I come out of the gap, I am at the worldly level. If I keep on doing this am I making any spiritual progress or I am still stuck between levels?
This alternation of experiencing the quantum realm of the gap and then experiencing the physical realm is precisely how we make spiritual progress. What we are doing is culturing our nervous system to function from the quantum level while we are in the physical realm. That is what enlightenment means. As we meditate more and more we begin to notice this influence of the quantum realm in our lives through the increased incidents of synchronicity around us. Life becomes easier, more magical and fluid. Experience of the physical realm is not a negation of the quantum realm, it is the arena where we solidify and integrate our spiritual growth.

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