August 13, 2019

Pre-marriage Communication Problem.


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I am 24 years old. I’m engaged to a guy for the last year and we are planning to get married. We are also physically engaged for a while. My parents are not very happy with this relation but they have accepted him for my sake. Now for the last  month he has changed completely, it’s not he is calling off the marriage but he is treating me in a strange manner. Whenever I ask anything related to him and his work he gets irritated. Before this he was very loving and caring. My career is not yet settled. I am very upset with this. Shall I go further will this relation or not? I really love him and don’t want to lose him. Please guide.


This is a small matter that should be resolvable with an honest communication of feelings.  He is clearly stressed out about something and that is making him irritable. Maybe it’s about the upcoming wedding, maybe it’s work, or maybe something else such as his family.  If he is too shut down to talk to you about the specifics of why he is irritable, then at least get him to tell you what he is feeling.  Ask how you can help, even if it is only emotional support. Explain that a marriage is a partnership that depends upon mutual trust, communication and support.  This is an opportunity for you two to find out how well you can work together in dealing with the common difficulties you will confront later in marriage.



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