December 13, 2013

Praying for Others.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Whenever I pray something for myself, the thought of praying for others comes to me. I want the best to happen to people around me. But the very idea of wishing each one the specific thing he/she desires makes me anxious. I am not able to decide what others want. Even when I desire something for myself, I am afraid that it might not please people around me. This creates a conflict within me. How should I calm this? What is the way to pray?


You have a naturally loving and compassionate nature. But that kindness and generosity of spirit doesn’t t need to be managed so closely or specifically, and certainly shouldn’t be a cause of anxiety. If you want to pray for the welfare of others, it is enough to wish for their health, happiness and awakening. That covers everything that’s important.


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  1. Donna Jean Littlefield Rouse

    take you like and leave the rest. Peace

  2. Spiritual Teachers Who Block People

    It's official, so-called enlightened teacher Deepockets Chopra has barred Beheading Buddha from posting comments on his facebook page, simply because BB was being mildly funny and, ok, somewhat challenging in a mythologically inspired trickster spirit. When so-called spiritual teachers start blocking people, that's when you know they are not really spiritual or wise at all. These guys are merely 'professional gurus' with a commercial agenda, be sure of that. Chopra, baby, you must open up and accept people, and most importantly, do not judge their human impulses or become defensive. Deepockets Chopra has revealed a lot about himself by blocking people and I am sure Beheading Buddha was not the first ordinary facebooker to get blocked by this allegedly "wise" man. Professional gurus are hilarious. Carry on the "good" work Deepockets, onto your next million, baby :-)

  3. Elan Sun Star

    Lovely !!!

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