February 1, 2021
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Dear Dr.Chopra, I am an eighty-six-year-old man and I have practised Hatha Yoga as well as meditation since 1960. I have read the Italian version of two of your remarkable works, namely Perfect Health and Quantum Healing. In the former, in dealing with Pranayama you describe it as a breathing exercise to bring balance only. It seems to me that no mention to Prana as Life Force-and that was also the thought of the ancient Indian sages-has been made. My question is why? It is my understanding that Prana must be a form of electromagnetic force made available to living individuals mainly through the detecting and transducing cells that are located in the nose. Thank you. PEACE


Congratulations on your dedication to your spiritual discipline. That is most impressive. You are right that pranayama is the life-force associated to our breath and that it plays a pivotal role in connecting our mind and body and facilitating the experience of silent awareness. The reason I didn’t elaborate that point in Perfect Health was because I was trying to introduce so many other concepts of Ayurveda to the Western mind for the first time, and wanted to limit the number of new concepts and ideas to what was essential for the main thrust of the book.



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