April 20, 2012

Power of Influence.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


If I want something to happen in my life, how much influence do I actually have and what must I do to make it happen? Is it all in a predetermined order, or can I influence the outcome?


Your influence in making things happen depends on the depth of your consciousness. The more you are able to desire from your cosmic self, you will have more support of all the laws of nature behind your every thought and action. When the power and intelligence of the universe is supporting your desire, then you have a great influence in making things happen. If your desire is only based on your individual or ego wants, then the outcome will be based upon the strength of your will and the prevailing environmental factors involved.


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  1. Cinderella110

    Dharma / Kharma as long as I`m not attached to any outcome The powers that be work extremely quick in my experience. It`s all In my perception ten minutes or ten years really does not matter. I love This journey And realize after twenty years of practice. I just Get to be Present for it all. Not want to be or Need to be "GET TO BE"

  2. Nadia Suprun Diaconova

    y susede , aunque no pongas ningun esfuerzo

  3. Hopeless

    I found out that we obtain what we desire if it`s written in our destiny. If it`s not, no matter the effort, visualization, positive thinking, etc. etc., nothing happens. In my life I had results even when I didn`t believe in them and the other way round. Sorry but it does not work.

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