March 24, 2013

Positive Energy.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I hope that you can answer my questions or provide guidance because I am in despair for an answer. I often hear people have energy that draws people to you or away from you. So no one says what to do if your energy is negative or if it pushes people away. How do you change it? How do you bring positive energy to you? All my life people have been repelled from me and I don’t know why. This has caused me to be depressed or feel that I don’t fit into the grand scheme of life.


Your core Being is an unlimited source of positive energy, love and joy. You don’t have to do anything to draw it to you, you only need to get beyond your mental and emotional limitations to experience it, and let is radiate from you like a light bulb when it is turned on. You experience you true self through meditation where your mind is allowed to go beyond its usual thoughts and feelings and then experiences its own true nature and becomes infused with the qualities of peace, happiness and clarity. After meditation, during the day, that inner presence is radiated as friendliness, kindness and pleasantness, and those qualities will naturally draw people closer to you.


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  1. MJ

    I really need your help, it hasn’t been easy to walk away from negative thoughts. This week I lived two difficult situations in my work, I have been trying to walk away from those situations, changing my thoughts to a more pleasant situation, but it has been unsuccessful, every time my mind comes back to them again and again. I think, I am losing my precious time with that, but my mind is not helping me at all. Sometimes, I think my mind is my worst enemy.

  2. Berger

    Simple method for positive energies can be found on internet if you search at the right place. So now it is possible to reach the Ka energies from the egyptian person named Khufu who is teaching the exceptional possibilities...


    I have practiced for probably 60 years. In the midst of my most tortuous years, I could find god. In the meadow with the cows, I meditated at 4 or 5 years; I was at peace. At 20 yo, I hated god who had betrayed me. But, my heart was good; all of the pain had endured became energy from which I was able to be exceptional in teaching and caring for disadvantaged youth. I had skills no one had. In the sixties, a college class challenged us with the topic: Mind vs Body. Very exciting for me. Then, Marianne Williamson wrote A Return to Love. My life has been an accumulation of reading and listening to everything and everyone who might bring me closer to spirit. I get it now. It`s so simple. Just release. Give up power to god. Trust you will be ok. In your mind, give up everything. I don`t know anything. I can regurgitate many things I`ve read, but, I KNOW nothing. When I`m distressed, I get on my knees and simply ask for help. It always comes. What does that mean? Only that I am free from anguish again. And can be. I have pondered the whole concept of making a plan and letting it come to fruition, on a personal level. (I wrote grants and made many plans for my students and they came to fruition. One girl said, in retrospect, she thought she had gone to a private school. Her experiences had been so rich.) Finally, maybe due to the meditation I`ve been doing, and on twitter last week, someone said, "Make a plan so it can begin to happen." So, I did. Because so many people have used this process to put cars in their driveway, expensive things in their lives, I have reticent to become involved. But, I have retired, but still make a decent living. I had begun the process of moving down to save money because I help my dtr and like to give to charities. One day I decided I wanted to go on my holistic cruise again next year. And I wanted to maintain some of the things I enjoyed in my life. So, I made a plan. Interestingly, I received a check from social security saying they made a mistake in 2011 and then in doing my taxes, received a state refund (a big surprise). I`m just going with the flow. Trusting that I will be ok regardless of what happens. Sending love and compassion to all.

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