December 13, 2011

Playing by the Rules.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak I am 24 years old. . I am working in an IT firm and I live alone. I am out of my home from past 7 years. All my life I have lived by all the rules that a good girl lives by. At least in my view, I have tried to do so. I care for my family and never try to hurt them. Today, when I look back I don’t find any major regrets or any bad decisions that I made. I am happy and proud of the person I am today and I know that I have a good self esteem which I gained over years. I have immense faith in god and I believe that it’s not possible that something bad may happen to me.

But I don’t know why, now when I am seeing some major changes to happen in my life soon, I feel that nothing reaches me anymore. Nothing in this world can give me peace and I don’t feel happy. I am not a failure but this feeling of missing something is continuously inside of me. I have figured my life on my own and I have always tried to bother others the least, but I have no clue of what has happened to me now. It took me a lot of courage to pen my words….Hope that you can help me with your guidance because I seek light.

If you want a feeling of deep inner peace, then you need to go deep inside. The accomplishments in work and family relationships are valuable, but they are not sufficient to bring you the sense of spiritual fulfillment you seek. If abiding peace is your priority now, then you need to begin a meditation practice and stick to it. The experience of you true Self in meditation is the source of peace, bliss and fulfillment. Once you know that as your essential nature, then you not only feel peace, you are peace.


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  1. JG-ThePresent

    Ask yourself what you are looking at? What are you focusing on to get your answers? You are the answer so you should ask who are you? Who/what are you deep down below the person. If you change the lens from which you are looking, all the sudden the picture changes too. Take Care

  2. Mark

    You really must seek happiness from within. The feeling of emptiness you are experiencing is a sign that your successes in life do not bring you the fullfillment you would expect. This may be because now that you have made your way to independence, you are now beginning to think that there must be something more to life. This is actually a good thing. The empty feeling you are experiencing can serve as a catalyst for positive change. Now that you are aware that there is more to life than your present situation, use that knowledge to explore the richer meaning to life. The answers you seek lay in the palm of your hand. When it says in the bible `seek and you shall find`, it is absoutely true. Especially if the need to know is great enough. So please be cheerful in the thought that you are loved on the universal level and that what you seek will come to you far sooner than you would expect.

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