April 18, 2017

Pilot License.


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I am at a very crucial decision point in my life, the decision of my future. I am an 18-year-old man and for the past ten years I have moved all over the world, living in Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, though I am originally from Germany. About half a year ago, I obtained my International Baccalaureate Diploma, graduating from high school. The past half year I have applied to become a professional pilot with 2 airlines, but I was turned down by both after getting very far in the application process. Both airlines did however agree that my basic psychological and academic profile was more than enough to qualify for the job, but they did not want to take the risk of educating me due to my group interaction differences.

I have a great passion for flying, and becoming a pilot is my dream job I now have the chance left to privately finance the Pilot’s License, though this does involve a considerable risk. However, my father no longer supports me in achieving my goal. He does not believe I am capable enough to achieve it, and does not share the passion and enthusiasm that I have toward the subject. My mother does however, and it was in fact her who had the idea of asking for your advice, as she is a great fan of your books. After re-reading some of the chapters in Fire in Your Heart, regarding following your dreams, I interpreted that I should continue to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. However, I am torn between my parents, and between my heart and my rational mind. My mind keeps reminding me of the risks, which are largely emphasized by my father, while my heart tells me not to give up, and continue putting in the effort to make my dream come true. I am torn and unsure of what to do, but looking into myself, I know I want to keep going, I know I want to make it, and I want to put in all the effort to make it, because it is my dream, my passion; seeing the sunrise at 10 000 meters altitude, watching the world awake below, and knowing you are far above the troubles of the corporate world below. What should I do?


If you really have that much passion and love for becoming a pilot, then you have to go ahead, even if there is a risk the airlines won’t hire you. Given that your academic and aptitudes show you are qualified, this is not an unrealistic goal for you. If you didn’t try to become a pilot, then you would always regret it. And as for your father not sharing your passion—he doesn’t need to, this is your life, not his. He presumably has his own interests and passions. I’m sure he just wants to make sure you are making an intelligent, practical, and well-thought out decision.



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