August 19, 2021
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Physical Sensations after Meditation.


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I am a 53-year-old male. For the last three nights, I have started meditation. I do it for about 25-30 minutes at midnight ie.12-1 am, in my bedroom, having my wife sleeping in the room. Since I have no teacher/guide, but get help from your videos etc. I consider you as my teacher/guide, if you permit so. I do my meditation successfully but after doing it I feel very weak and my body seems fixed and unmovable. I even can’t get up from the floor. While mentally I feel very light and at ease, after that when I sleep I feel very much muscular pains in my lower hands and lower legs, besides anxiety in my body. But my mind still remains at rest. So my question is, is it normal or what should I do? So far I have no physical disease, however, since a very young age, I have gone through anxiety, unknown phobias and mild depression. Furthermore, I want to purchase your books SUPER BRAIN & MUHAMMAD, or whatever else you recommend.  So is there any bookstore/center in Pakistan having your books?


It sounds like you are doing very well in your new meditation practice. The sense of the body feeling immovable while the mind is light and relaxed indicates that you are meditating correctly. The muscular pains in the arms and legs after you get in bed to sleep could be due to any number of things. It might be a continuation of the stress release process that started in meditation and is continuing afterward, or it might be something as simple as cramping induced from sitting for half an hour on the floor at midnight when your body is normally expecting to be asleep.

The main point about meditation  I would say to you is that meditation is a means to improve your daily life, mentally, physically and socially. That is why it is recommended to meditate in the morning after you wake up and before you start your day. And then meditate again in the afternoon in preparation for the evening activity. The activity of the day plays an essential role in stabilizing and strengthening the benefits of the deep rest we gain in meditation.  Rest and activity must work together in balance for maximum spiritual progress.

Both the books you listed will be good one’s for you to start with. As far as bookstores in Pakistan, I’m not sure if you are near a big city or not, but you can always find what you need on the Internet.



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