March 19, 2017

Personal Peace in a Mixed Up World.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am in the middle of your book titled “Power, Freedom & Grace” and as fascinating as I’m finding it to read, it is creating conflicts also.

The loss last year of my sister has thrown the grip I thought I had on reality asunder. I have always had strong faith and belief that life on this planet is not all there is. I am constantly trying to figure out the meaning of life and my role in it. But after caring for my sister 24/7 for over a year while she struggled with cancer and having all my hopes for her recovery gone, I must admit I am filled with anger and disbelief – it’s not the sort of negative energy I want to carry around.

What I am wondering most about what I have read thus far is: how can one be “happy” for the sake of just being happy. My sister was my only family. I have always been the sort of person to gain joy and happiness from giving and seeing others around me contented. After all, isn’t “love” the important thing in living? How can one find true happiness and harmony if one is met with the challenges in life and the various vicissitudes we have to confront every day? How can one remove the pain and emptiness? I cannot seem to get rid of it regardless of my deep convictions and belief in God and immortality. This world and its negativity seem to be pulling me in. I personally do not believe true contentment can be had here. It doesn’t seem rational to me. Everything around me i.e.: the wars, poverty, loneliness, the homeless affect me and cause me uneasiness.

Do you truly feel one can have peace and harmony and joy in their heart in this crazy, mixed-up world? Personally, I cannot seem to accept it?

Also, do you have any advice if one needs to discuss issues on this level one-on-one. I have so many questions that I need to put across to someone in my quest to achieve deeper understanding and no one to ask.


Losing a family member who was as close as your sister was to you, can be a life-changing event. If you don’t have the type of friends who can serve help you talk your feelings through on this one-on-one, then you may want to find a counselor for that purpose.

As for your question about whether one can find happiness in this crazy, mixed up world—yes you can. It’s not a matter of belief in God or in finding justice for why things happen. The peace and joy that is attainable outside the hubbub of the world starts in the silence of meditation. However, that inner contentment becomes most significant when it is strong enough to stand up in the midst of all the challenges and sorrows of life.  The silence of meditation isn’t meant to be a retreat from the difficulties of life, but rather a centering process that enables us to hold on to the truth of our self so that we find joy and meaning in the challenges and unpredictability around us.



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