March 27, 2023
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When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak! I love listening to you speak and have been doing so now for many years as well as reading some of your books. I just finished ‘the third Jesus’ and found it uplifting, enlightening and congruent with many of my own thoughts from childhood on through life on Jesus’ truer message and purpose. When you spoke of his instruction to ‘be as the lilies of the field’ and not store up riches (materialism) against ‘future need’ I really made the connection to nature’s wisdom, evolution, ecological magic etc. and how that in the holistic sense is part of what he was speaking of. We have a vital and abundant manifestation of this way of thinking in what is known as ‘permaculture’ of which I am sure you are aware. An imitative human/earth design system to restore, regenerate and reproduce nature’s abundance for human sustenance within nature’s principles. Permaculture or regenerative agriculture, holistic grazing practices (Allan Savory), all provide the way through where we find ourselves today to restore balance and connection to ourselves and all life and Gaia. If you would lend your voice to these practices to encourage evermore people to join together in this way of life as lilies in the field it would do so much to show purpose and potential in what is already here. I love you Deepak and I love listening to you to keep me mindful on my journey. Thank you for all you do and your tremendous dedication to all of us.


I am familiar with the principles of permaculture and a relationship with Gaia that is wise, respectful and mutually beneficial. This is absolutely the emerging paradigm of collective consciousness that the planet needs to step into. The Chopra Foundation is fully aligned with these concepts and practices. We are committed to creating a peaceful, just,  sustainable and healthy world. 



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January 3, 2023
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