August 26, 2021
Ask Deepak

People Who Only Take Love.


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Deepak, thank you for this opportunity to ask a question. I have struggled to understand some of the relationships (thankfully not the close ones) in my life wherein I have given a ton of love to some people and genuinely cared for them however they have not reciprocated with the same amount of love or caring back, choosing to be ignorant and self-absorbed instead. What makes them act with lesser love after receiving so much since I thought all of us are essentially souls made of pure love and it is in our nature to love everyone and everything?


Essentially our souls are love, intelligence and light. But when we behave selfishly, we are acting from our ego, fear-based self, not our loving self. What determines whether someone can overcome their ego-self is not just a matter of how much love they have been given, but more importantly how much fear they are able to let go of in their hearts. Some people need more time than others to let go of their fear. Everyone is on their own perfect path.



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