February 3, 2023
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I’ve been on a path to spiritual wholeness for the past 2 years but my husband does not like it. He says I am boring. I was on this journey before I met him and slacked off during the dating process. I eat healthy, meditate, and pray regularly when I am in balance. I feel better, sleep better and my outlook is positive. But my husband does not like it. In fact he says he hates when I get “spiritual”. Alcohol and poor food choices impact me drastically so with spiritual balance comes health and wellness. So here’s the question: How do I get my husband to understand my spiritual journey?


You may never be able to get your husband to understand your spiritual journey if it is not part of his own journey. It seems that his reaction to you getting “spiritual” comes from his feeling threatened by your behavior. He likely feels implicitly judged as nonspiritual, bad, or in some way “less than” you. If you are clear that you do not judge his path, and are only making your decisions based on what is good for you, and not as a “statement” about his life, then tell him that in clear, straightforward language. If he understands that, then that is enough.



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