May 16, 2019

Parent’s Marital Tension.


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My family is recently going through a tough time due to my parents constant disagreements. My father does not know how to handle his finances because he always want to support everyone but he cannot. My mother is a stay at home mom but is tired of my father never being there. He works all day and is supporting me and my 3 siblings, his family back in Pakistan and himself. They constantly argue and right now they are ignoring each other. I have a little brother who is 7 years old and I do not want him to feel the tension and see what is the real matter. My father is so concerned with other things, he can not manage his time and money well and my mother is stubborn and will not just break the silence.
What is the best way to solve this issue and restore positivity and peace in the house? I am a firm believer in optimism and letting the past go, but how can this happen with my parents?


I’m  sorry you are having to deal with your parents’ marriage tension.  But bear in mind that their problems are not something you can fix. Moreover, it is not appropriate for you to take on that burden anyway.  Since you are concerned for you little brother, give him extra attention and loving support. 



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