November 9, 2011

Parents and Spirituality.


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Do you find that people that grew up missing things in their life such as a caring father or a loving mother tend to be more spiritual? If so do you think that sometimes spirituality brings comfort to them?


I don’t think that the lack of a mother or father growing up makes one more spiritual in and of itself, but it can define many of their spiritual issues they work on along path. The relationship to one’s mother and father will typically reflect the relationship and beliefs one has toward the feminine and masculine aspects of God. If one grew up without a father around, one’s spiritual journey  may be colored by issues about being unprotected and abandoned by God. Those who grew up without a loving mother may carry spiritual issues of not be nurtured and loved by God.



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  1. María Casanova

    I grew up without my father, actually I just met him once, and I didn`t used to believe or have faith in Jesus or in God so much, as Deepak said I felt abandoned from God. after I grew up and understood and forgave him, things changed, so sometimes it can make a slight difference. Love from Venezuela.


    can you help me i lose concentration when i`m studying. and this is affecting my education badly

  3. Optimist

    Believing that god is my guiding star has brought great comfort and peace in my life. Even though i lost my mother there were so many things in which i had been blessed, no complaints:-)

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