January 24, 2013

Parental Legacy.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


When I was younger my dad would always come home complaining about how the house looked, and he was never satisfied even if it was clean. I told myself I would never be that way, and yet, I find myself doing it. I practice your teachings, try at least, so why can’t I let go of this? He passed a year ago and the grief is still there I think, maybe I never dealt with it. How do I let go. I know he is still here in another form, but I don’t want my children feeling the way I did when he acted like that. Thank you.


I think you have adopted your late father’s critical attitude as an unconscious response to your unresolved feelings toward him. Since it has been over a year now since his death and you still feel you haven’t dealt with the grief, it may be that your conflicted feelings puts a brake on your intentions to heal his loss. Don’t be shy about seeking out a counselor or friend that you can pour all your feelings out to. Someone who will listen without judgment is what you need. It can also be helpful to write down your feelings in a journal. You can even write a series of letters to your dad, expressing all your frustrations, fondness, funny memories, trivialities,… whatever comes to mind. The important thing to do is give yourself permission to unburden your heart without worrying about how it looks, whether it seems fair, or nice, or right. An open expression of your feelings will get your healing process back on track, and that is what you need.


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  1. pmtod

    Read Deepak`s books 20 years ago - especially re reconciling quantum physics and Hindu spiritualism. Great stuff. Explains some of the inponderable mysteries of life and how to put into practice previously abstract theories.

  2. Durgesh Nagi

    महिलाओं को डायनें,कहते लेते जान| किन्तु खोजते लोग हैं,भ्रष्टाचार निदान|| बच्चे वर्तन धो रहे,ढाबों में श्रीमान| नित्य मलाई खा रहे,जगह-जगह भगवान|| भूख-प्यास की मार से,तड़प रहे इंसान| विज्ञापन से हो रही,भारत की पहचान|| कालेधन का है लगा,जिन्हें युगों से रोग| वे दर्शन में कौन-सा,धन करते उपयोग? इंसानों के साथ में, इंसानी व्यवहार| करें जो नहीं लोग वे, करते भ्रष्टाचार|| अगर चाहते राष्ट्र हो,भ्रष्टाचार विमुक्त| तो समाज को कीजिये,सदाचरण संयुक्त||

  3. Lourdes Witzeman

    Yo pensaba lo mismo pero con mi mama y ahora sin pensar a veces actuó igual que ella!!! Meda risa y a veces felicidad.

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