August 4, 2019

Old Souls.


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Recently  during a reading I was told I was an old soul.  The way it was described to me I would not be reincarnating.  This made me feel sad and purposeless, and I really don’t know if I want to believe it. I feel I would miss all the color and beauty of the earth. Do you have any insight or knowledge about the term ‘old soul’?


The term ‘old soul’ is a relatively meaningless label that really doesn’t convey any useful information.  Even if someone could tell you how old your soul is, it still wouldn’t tell you how far along you are on your journey to Self-realization.

 But being told you are an old soul is certainly nothing to feel sad about.  Being an old soul is actually supposed to be a compliment that implies you have accomplished much of your spiritual destiny.  And just so you know, if you are enlightened and no longer have to reincarnate again, that doesn’t mean you can’t incarnate again if you want to continue experiencing the beauty of embodied life. Being free from the bondage of karma means you are free and can do what you want.



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