October 10, 2014



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak:
I saw your "Rabbit Hole" video on your YouTube channel The Chopra Well. Might you kindly expand on why you believe that our addictions/obsessions are really our true selves looking for God in the wrong place? I find that when I am in the moment – on the mat or seated quietly I want nothing else for me, myself & the universal I but shortly thereafter I can 'walk off the cliff' & consequently fall short of my/our reality!


All desires, not just addictions and obsessions have a pure source in our silent consciousness to lead us to greater happiness, growth and fulfillment. But the channels of expression for those desires can get twisted and diverted through confusion and unconscious choices that turn into self-destructive habits. To return to the evolutionary value of the desire it is necessary to release the old conditioning and reestablish conscious, non-judgmental awareness with our seed desire.



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  1. Owl

    Do not judge your desire. `Desire` means `Of God`. The problem is not your desire, rather it is a misunderstanding of your desire and a lack of wisdom in applying the right methods to obtain your desire. Often there is another, truer desire underneath the first desire, and so to take care of this would be wiser (more healthy). It takes a little seeking and self questioning. Old conditioning can show up as old beliefs that are false. Looking at them with an open mind can help you to renew your mind.

  2. Sooky Blessington

    Your response demonstrates a complete failure of understanding of the physics involved and the nature by which it might be exceeded. I'm stunned. I had expected far more. If you ever wish to evolve your understandings to a level in which they do possess value to others, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, these responses continue to abjure every responsibility of the teacher/student relationship or the elder/younger.

  3. Martha Elena Tobio Mora


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